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Thread: A little honest Amity information

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    Default Re: A little honest Amity information

    yeah most jobs that "dont sponser visas" just means they dont hook you up with a visa to get to japan and then start work. but if you already ahve a visa they will almost always just switch over and "sponsor" you.

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    These assholes got enough loyalty out of me while completely screwing me over in the process, so I don't give a shit about their threats. I doubt they'd ever find out who I am anyway.

    I worked for Amity for a period of time, fulfilled a contract and I could go on all day about how this company operates.

    We all know that it's a business first and foremost, sure, more interested in just selling shit to parents and keeping kids entertained. Most kids don't give a shit about English, they're just being forced so their parents can brag about how smart they are. So, they don't really pay attention most of the time, sometimes you have a good class, but lots of times I was overwhelmed. Don't expect too much from the staff to help you, and if you try to be strict with the kids they'll tell their parents, who will then start yelling at you. If any parents express any interest in leaving, Amity comes down on you hard, they don't care about their teacher's well-being. There is very little useful teaching going on, it's just a daycare for rich parents.

    I was constantly overworked and had to stay after my hours were finished without receiving pay. We had to clean the school every night and weren't paid for it, it took at least an hour. The Japanese staff helped out too, but it still sucked. If you didn't want to do it, your objections would be met with plenty of hostility and other shit.

    Despite having set lessons for the most part, things could sometimes change up, giving teachers very little time to prepare. If you flubbed something up, Amity would just start yelling at you. I'm sure this isn't unique to the company, but that doesn't make it better.

    Plenty of teachers are over-stressed, both Japanese and foreign staff, with little in the way of a support network.

    There's plenty more that I could write about, but overall I'd highly advise against working at Amity if you have other options.
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    Hey, whistleblower, thanks for the info. Before I started working where I am now, I had applied to Amity. A rep from there got all pissy and said haughtily, "We bring teachers from overseas on OUR OWN VISA." I felt bad about not being given a good look. Now I see it as a blessing in disguise.

    I had been led to believe that Amity had some kind of agreement with Immi to be able to use this special visa. Now I think Amity probably uses the generic Specialist in Humanities visa and calls the visa its "OWN VISA" to emphasize the company is sponsoring you and to possibly intimidate newbies who aren't familiar with Japanese Labor Law.
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