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Thread: US Residency Certification Form Question

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    Default US Residency Certification Form Question

    Hello Everybody:
    I'm submitting my "Application for United States Residency Certification" (form 8802). I have a few questions:
    1. I never saw a due date on this, when are we supposed to submit it? I assume as soon as possible but hope there wasn't some requirement to do so by the April 27 deadline for the reply form. Anybody know?

    2. In the packet sent to us from JET, they say "before submitting Form 8802 to the IRS: send a COPY to the JET Program Office in Washington DC" - does this mean I send them a copy when I complete form 8802 and wait for them to respond? Or simply, send a copy to the JET office so they know the process has been started on my end?

    3. On the 8802 Form it asks for "Applicant's US Taxpayer Identification Number" - is that my Social Security Number? What did you folks put down there?

    Any insight or thoughts would be greatly appreciated, I'd love to have this complete by Monday so I can ship it off to the IRS and get me proof of Residency. THANKS!

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    1. I had submitted it before the deadline for reply forms. My coordinator in Houston led me to believe he wanted a copy of it WITH my reply forms/FBI bs/physical bs.

    2. It's just so they know you got the ball rollin', since it can take a while for them to get back to you.

    3. Pretty sure it's your SS.
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    1) Your just supposed to send it ASAP. Mine also said send a copy to the JET office etc, I read this as simply "for them to recieve it prior to sending it to the IRS." I sent mine earlier this week.

    Remember that the whole point of the IRS deal is so you don't have to pay japaneses taxes for 2 years, in Japan. Once you get the proof of U.S. residency from the IRS, your supposed to take that with you (on the plane) and give it to your contracting organization.

    TIN is your Social Secuirty number.
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    Thank you for the comments, I will drop mine in the mail on Monday along with a copy for the JET office. Regards
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    1) I don't think there is a due date. May depend on your consulate. If you're late with this form, you won't be disqualified, so don't stress. You just need to get the certificate back from the govt. before you leave for Japan. However, it takes a bit of time to process, so try to get on it soon. You'll be leaving the country before you know it!

    2) You fill out the residency request form and send it in to the IRS with some money. After you fill it out, and before you send it to the IRS, copy it. Send the copy to JET (they just want to make sure you've sent it to the IRS before leaving the country). After it processes, you get another form back = this form you will keep. Your consulate doesn't need it (they may request a copy), and you won't need to do anything with it until you leave Japan.

    3) yes, it is your SSN.

    EDIT: looks like I'm late, you are already on top of it.
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