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Thread: ITIL Members Placement Map 2010I

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    Default ITIL Members Placement Map 2010

    I just made this at mrfahrenheit's request Add yourself to the map so we can see where we all are!

    To add yourself, click the button that says "Edit" at the top right of the left frame and the edit buttons will pop up in the map frame. You can place a marker by clicking the middle button--put your name in the title and whatever info you want (town name, maybe population) in the description.

    ITIL Members Placement Map 2010

    EDIT: If you add a placemark to the map while logged in to Google/Gmail it WILL display your first name and possibly show some of your other Google activity. It looks like you can't add yourself without logging in, so maybe this wasn't such a great idea after all If someone could find an alternative that'd be great!
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