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Thread: Pred/Successor car situation

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    Quote Originally Posted by cielya View Post
    how else could you do it with a pred? I'm pretty damn sure they want/need it to be sold before they leave, otherwise, what would they do with it if you decide not to buy it? How can they sell it when they're back home? Certainly not as easy. And while AVN knows some places, there's tons more JETs that would hate to show up in the middle of nowhere, where a car is necessary, and have to navigate buying a freaking car their first few days.

    Not ideal, but what's the alternative?

    Don't buy your preds car without driving it first. New JETs have no idea what condition it is in or how well it was taken care of and are willing to fork over thousands before seeing it. That is insane.

    Here is what you do.

    You tell your pred to hang out until you see the car yourself or you tell them to piss off and don't buy the car.

    Then you ask your supervisor to call used car dealerships and tell them how much money you are willing to pay. Then the dealers will scramble to find you a car (really scramble if you're in the inaka and the only business that month). After that you can check out your cars.

    It's really not that complicated and IMO it's a whole lot better to buy a car in monthly payments than with a load of cash you may not even have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UPGRAYEDD View Post
    You guys are insane for buying a car without test driving it.
    Dealers here won't let you test drive a car that doesn't have a valid shaken so that removes like 75% of used cars right there. You can of course start the car, look it over etc... and the thing's gotta pass shaken before you receive it anyway so it's not like they can really fuck you over.

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    If you have pictures and the service history, there's not much need for a test drive, unless you want to be a picky weiner who has to make sure his gas pedal isn't too soft.
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    Shit, if the car passes shaken and you got pics, that should be all you need. Unless you're buying a show car or something. Even the service history doesn't matter much for most vehicles. If it was serviced that poorly it probably won't pass a shaken anyway.

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    Default Re: Pred/Successor car situation

    I'm with Jboze84

    Before I bought my car I couldn't even test drive it, as the shaken period had lapsed.

    As of yet, I have had no mechanical problems.

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