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    For all the current JETs out there, did you have family or friends come visit you in Japan? Did they stay at your apt? Was it a pain in the ass (getting them to your specific location, providing for them, introducing them to your town)?
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    A friend of mine from university visited last summer (hehe, my family has no interest in Japan). Getting him out to my prefecture wasn't difficult as there's direct trains that run here from Tokyo, and Japanese food isn't that scary so that wasn't an issue.

    I think the only thing that might qualify as a pain in the ass was the occasional frantic call early in the morning/late at night saying "can you please tell the clerk/ticket guy/cop x for me?".

    Set them up with a Suica card, cell phone and subway map when they arrive, and it won't be difficult to show them around.
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    I've had a handfull of friends and family visit. Best thing I can recommend if you're going to have lots guest is to get a disposable cell phone from softbank or something, and just let people pay for minutes while they visit.

    More to your question....when ever people visit me, we usually spend a few days in my apartment, and a few days travelling around. I never spent much time 'introducing them to my town' because...why should they care? I love my town, but it isn't really interesting for peopel who don't live here...

    The friends who have been to Japan before I meet at the local train station, but when my family comes I usually meet them at the airport about an hour away.
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    When I studied here my family came over, and they are all coming again this summer. It's pretty easy, most of them liked Japan (dad didn't like Kyoto though). They are coming as a group of 7 (mum, dad, granny, brother, brother's gfnd, 2 sisters) so that is going to be a pain, and also all but granny refuse to eat fish, which also brings sadness on my heart.

    Otherwise, no problems.
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