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Thread: 2010 Okinawa JETs

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    Default 2010 Okinawa JETs

    Hey all you lucky, lucky people coming to Okinawa!

    We're finally getting notice of who you all are, and, as a result, are finally allowed to approve you to our website.

    So, if you're coming to Okinawa, please go to Mensore!, sign up, and fill in a profile. We've got loads of info for you, and a great set of forums where people will be willing to help you answer any questions.

    See you soon!
    fucking genki

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    also, please post here if you've got any questions about what to bring, how to combat the heat etc.

    Seems like a lot of people are packing up this year, so a lot of new blood should be coming in. There must be at least a few peeps on here.

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