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Thread: Kindergarten help!

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    Default Kindergarten help!

    I have to do an hour at a kindergarten next week. I've done ES ichinensei before and their attention spans were really short. These kids are even younger so I'm wondering if anyone has any experience at kindergarten? Anything that worked really well that can fill an hour?

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    Default Re: Kindergarten help!

    I have never taught at a youchien.
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    Janken? Get them to play with you, they should know 1 2 3, teach them rock paper and scissors (toilet paper is a good way to get them to laugh, which usually means they'll remember it) and then stand them all up.

    They play vs you, and if they lose, they sit down. If they draw or win, they stay in. Seriously they love it. Do that a few times and then when it gets to the last 2 or 3 have them come up to the front and play vs each other.

    Then NIGHTMARE MODE, where if they lose OR draw they sit down, that goes a lot quicker.


    Drawing/colouring will go down well too. Teach them colours and hand out crayons, get them to draw things? Colour bingo? That shit rocks, bingo grid, they colour it in and you then play bingo. Teaching colours is easy.
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    Janken? Get them to play with you, they should know 1 2 3, teach them rock paper and scissors (toilet paper is a good way to get them to laugh, which usually means they'll remember it) and then stand them all up.
    They may not be able to Janken at all yet (seriously, One of my 1st year classes this year we had to do English Janken REALLY slowly, confirming in Japanese who won etc as they hadn't really learnt it yet)

    Just teach a few words like colours or fruits or something, then play fruits basket.

    Check as well for ideas (though some games are sorta complicated)
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    Yeah my supervisor was like "they want you to do games you did back home" and I cannot remember anything before junior high school anymore. I mean I could play duck duck goose I guess but I think there's a similar japanese equivalent...

    I will just do fruit basket and if there's time maybe try a janken tournament. I don't quite understand the point of having the ALT go for one single visit.

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    Honestly, it probably won't matter; the kids will go berserk just to see you. I fuckin' love going; I don't have to really do anything, and the kids react to me as though I were Jesus arriving on a flying unicorn. Just do random things, sing a song (believe it or not, they may already know the alphabet song and H, S, K & T (and they never get tired of that shit, especially if you change the speed up on 'em). Play tag, or freeze tag. Duck duck goose would be fine. Red rover might be fun. Read to 'em. Go through some animal cards with them, making animal sounds when you do (the more hilarious, the better). Lots of times, the school will already have some animal cards and shit you can use. Just be goofy and genki and don't stress about it; the kids will be so excited to have a silly gaijin monkey in their midst, they wouldn't care if you just ran around acting stupid for an hour or two. Neither would the teachers.
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    Yeah, I think I'm just going to give up worrying about teaching and just see how it goes. I actually spent a few days at the pre-school the past 2 summers, but that was purely as a helper/monkey/whatever and there was no expectation for me to actually teach anything. This time it seems like they kind of want me to teach English, but too bad.

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    Just bumping this thread as I've got one lesson with them tomorrow. I like the color bingo/picture idea. Is there even a point in giving an intro?
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    Default Re: Kindergarten help!

    sing some songs, dick around, if you are doing colors they tend to like playing iro oni. Dont bother with an intro, nobody will be listening and nobody will remember what you said 5 minutes after you leave.

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