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Thread: UK Pension: Qualifying years

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    Quick question:

    Are the year(s) we are on JET contribute towards the qualifying years needed to receive a full uk state pension?

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    dunno, probably depends if you were making NI payments or not

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    That would be a no then.

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    The years on JET can only be transfered to the UK pension system if you don't get a lump sum refund. If you already received your refund you cannot add the years to your pension.

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    You can however use the refund money to make voluntary top up payments if you're worried.

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    You only need 30 qualifying years now, so I'm well on track for a full state pension.

    Just started a private pension with my new work as well, so no more worries hopefully!

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    japans dropped their pension pay in scheme to 10 years down from 25.

    early retirement here I come.....
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