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Thread: Pension Payment to Japanese bank account?

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    Default Pension Payment to Japanese bank account?

    Does anyone know if it's okay to have your Pension refund sent to your old, Japanese account, or does it have to be sent overseas?

    My ex-supervisor was very adamant about having my pension refund deposited into my Japanese bank account, after which he would send it over to me in America.

    Now that I'm back home and have done some research, it seems that you have to have the payment sent to an overseas, non-Japanese bank account.

    I trust my supervisor and he has all the necessary materials to close the account once I'm done with it. I'm having trouble finding a definite answer as to which account the refund needs to be sent to. My supervisor was a very helpful guy, but he always got confused about these kinds of things. I just don't wanna stretch out the process any longer than it's already going to take.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Pension Payment to Japanese bank account?

    I'm no expert, having never claimed a refund, but I was fairly sure it had to go to an overseas account

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    Check the handbook (

    Fiiling for the Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment and the tax refund associated with it is a 7-step process, as outlined below:
    The following outlines the process of applying for the Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment in more detail.
    1. Before leaving, get the necessary forms and designate a tax agent
    2. After leaving Japan, mail necessary forms to the Japan Pension Service to claim a refund
    3. Receive Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment into overseas bank account
    4. Mail notice of refund to tax agent in Japan
    5. Tax agent files for refund of tax on Lump-sum Withdrawal
    6. Tax agent receives tax refund
    7. Tax agent transfers the money to you

    They might be getting confused with steps 5 - 7.
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    Ah, thanks guys. I should have checked the handbook. Thanks again!

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    Pension refunds can go to your Jap account. They deposited to mine without any fuss (well...without any deposit-related fuss).
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    Default Re: Pension Payment to Japanese bank account?

    Yeah i know a guy that had his refund deposited to his Merikan account this year and then moved back to japan and had the tax portion deposited to his japanese account. just took calling up the social insurance agency and and getting the documents to make the change.

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