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    So recently I was talking with one of my JTEs and brought up that I wanted to use music in some of my JHS classes. However the JTE told me that it can't just be for the fun of doing english karaoke or something it actually has to relate to the grammar points being covered in the textbook.

    After looking at the (great selection...) of 3 songs that were popular when my parents were my age listed in each of my textbooks I realized I needed to find some slightly more current music.

    I found that "Island in the Sun" by Weezer is actually really good for 2nensei with the number of grammar points it has in it. But I'm out of ideas for songs for the other grade levels. I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions of songs that have a medium to slow tempo, are easy to hear the english, contain grammar points covered in the JHS textbooks and are content appropriate for JHS. And as much as I love indie bands, I'd prefer to use something my students have a chance of finding at the Tsutaya or the one Tower Records in my prefecture.

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    While I can't think of anything perhaps it doesn't have to be stuff they can buy anyway as long as you supply them with some way of listening online such as on YouTube, Spotify, We7, Myspace etc but not sure how well know (if at all) they are over there. If it was something like YouTube you could actually make a playlist (once you think of songs) and give students a URL to that playlist.

    Good luck in your search and sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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