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Thread: JETs and ALTs problem in japan

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    Quote Originally Posted by BakuHatsu View Post
    It's just a bunch of baka-gaijin who don't know better.
    If you hadn't said this I might have tried to take your post a little more seriously.

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    Default Re: JETs and ALTs problem in japan

    Agreed. After he said that I [couldn't take the rest of his post seriously. In fact, I don't think highly of him at all].
    Last edited by word; November 23rd, 2010 at 11:20. Reason: My apologies, mothy. Someone got their feelings hurt by this post, and since it's not AG, I felt obligated to edit it.
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    Default Re: JETs and ALTs problem in japan

    Wow, since when has the use of the term baka-gaijin been a basis for using such foul language and discriminating against a post? そしてね,日本ではその言い方はそんなに珍しくねぞう。In fact, I only used the term since when I told a Japanese friend that a lot of people were complaining about the salary for ALTS he responded with that.

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    Default Re: JETs and ALTs problem in japan

    top tip, dont try and slip japanese into the middle of posts. most people here have lived in japan long enough that they aren't impressed by that sort of immature posturing and you'll just end up getting abuse.

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    Now, if I had actually posted something negative in Japanese, then I could understand you post. But....beings as I wrote what I wrote, I feel there are no grounds for your rude comments. I'm sorry if I offended someone in anyway.

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    Default Re: JETs and ALTs problem in japan

    Wasn't summergirl a troll..?

    And another one bites the dust.

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