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    Soooo I was tossed a curveball last week: I have eikaiwa classes at my community center twice a month. There's no curriculum, they want to learn communication without too much focus on grammar. Can't really view TV, movies and they don't have any interest in music. I don't want to completely follow a text but does anyone have any text recommendations for this kind of situation? It's 1.5 hours a session.

    Some are a 1st year JHS level and the rest basically have 0 English. I have 11 sessions left for the year and I think there's about 20 total typically.

    They're mostly looking for functional English so I have a list of ideas (intros, directions, requests, shopping, restaurants, etc.) but I'm open to a text to help me with planning.

    Prease and thank you.
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    I was put in the same situation. The only difference is that there are 2 or 3 people that are higher level, with the rest being very low. This makes it nearly impossible to to do things that please them all. What they want is conversation, so I would try to talk for half the lesson about whatever. In my group they usually all prepare something and read it and we discuss it. I know at first it might feel like you should be following some sort of curriculum but you don't have to, they probably just want to talk.

    I think your ideas are perfect. Each week teach them some basic words and phrases for ordering in a restaurant, shopping, checking into a hotel, whatever. That should be enough.

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    what i do is just pick a topic for the week at the prev meeting and have them either write something about it to share or just think about bullet points

    last week we talked about winter and what they do to stay warm/travel/fun etc
    week prior talked about their favorite place to go, how they get there, and why its their favorite a lot of them picked hakodate

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