Ok, so I`m at my technical high again tomorrow and I`m right outta ideas. :?

Could some please give me a heads up as to the kind of thing they`re doing at technical high? Pretty please!!!

As anyone who teaches at this kind of school knows the classes are always big and the level is pretty low.

I supposedly have 15-20mins at the end of the lesson (after the textbook unit) to do something fun. Though with the lower level classes this tends to be 10mins (and every class MUST do the same activity!) This includes explanation time so there really isn`t much time to start an indepth game!

I can`t do bingo AGAIN (although they love it!) And as much as they like "how many words can you make from this phrase" it`s getting a bit tired now.

They`re "pretty cool" so even though some of the game ideas from Team Taught Pizza are good they`re not going to work in this instance :evil:

If anyone has any good suggestions for simple games please, please, please let me know.