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Thread: Big problem with my rec letters help!

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    Default Big problem with my rec letters help!

    Ok first:
    I got the 2 recommendation letters and the copies of 2 each and the rec letter form and its copies theres no problem with that. The problem is I have those original letters and the copies in ONE envelope that my references sent to me. They sealed it too with their signature and I got only 1 envelope anyway so even if I broke the seal to remove the copies and put them in separate envelopes I can't forge the seals on the new envelopes.
    I just want to know is this going to kill my application?

    Could I just include a letter explaining the original and copies are all in 1 envelope? I cannot get a replacement, my references don't have time and I have to mail this today or tomorrow anyway.

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    The instructions state that the original and copies of the letter are supposed to be in a single envelope. Unless you mean that the two people you asked to write your letters got together and stuck them both into just one envelope, you're perfectly fine.
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    Ok thanks. I just got confused with the document sorting instructions saying you need a set of 3 for each. I thought they needed 3 envelopes signed and sealed containing the original and the photocopies 1 in each envelope.

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