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Thread: Applying to more than one ALT company

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    Default Applying to more than one ALT company

    Hi all,

    I have recently been offered a job by one of the major ALT recruiting companies, and have accepted by sending off the requested documentation in order to apply for a visa.

    Although I was accepted by this company, my plan was to apply for another company and (hopefully) get to the point with each of them that I will be offered a position, which will then allow me to choose the company I most want to work for. However, I just received an email from the one company I have been successful with so far saying: if you have applied to another company and have accepted employment with them, you need to be aware that Japanese immigration will NOT accept two visa applications running concurrently. If you try and submit visa paperwork to two companies at the same time, immigration will hold your application and the visa will not proceed.

    Does this mean now that I have accepted this company there is no point in proceeding, because even if I am successful with another one, when they go to apply for the visa for me they will not be able to??
    Is there some way around this?

    Many thanks!
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    Default Re: Applying to more than one ALT company

    I'm no expert with this, but sounds like now you have no choice. You will be offered a working visa sponsored by the company you just accepted the position with. You will not be able to use that visa with another company (as far as i know)

    So IMO, yes, your pretty much stuck with the company you just sent all your documentations too.

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    Default Re: Applying to more than one ALT company

    you should be able to change sponsorship on a visa if you change job, though I am pretty sure you'll have to already be in the country and have started using it. You won't be able to change sponsorship before you use it.

    You can't have more than one visa at once.

    Only thing you can do is get here, start working and then look for another job, transferring sponsorship of said visa.
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    Default Re: Applying to more than one ALT company

    Itsuka, would it be possible to back out of your current job offer if another ALT recruiting company offered you a better position soon? Maybe then they would cancel your visa processing.

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    You already sent off the paperwork. Looks like you'll just have to lie in the bed you've made, at least until you come to Japan and have the time to look for a new job. Once you have the visa and come to Japan, you can quit any time you like. That visa's yours, nobody can take it away from you. Oh sure, your company will notify immigration to tell them they're no longer sponsoring you, but that's just to cover their ass. In case you do something stupid, they don't want to be blamed if you're not their employee anymore. Hell, even when you get a new job on a visa that you got from a different employer, they probably won't bother re-sponsoring your visa until it's set to expire anyway. Not sure of the legality of that, but it's the road most companies take. I know this from my own personal experience. When my contract with my old job expired, I still had about a year left on my visa. My company notified immigration that I was no longer under their employ, as they are legally obligated to do, and I myself went down to city hall to notify them so that the fact could be recorded on my gaijin card, as I was legally obligated to do. I also went down to Hello Work so I could collect some fat unemployment checks while I looked for a new job. In fact, the new job I got later actually required a different type of visa, but the company just waited the many months until my old one was set to expire before renewing with the new type. Which is possibly illegal, but there you go. I was never once bothered by immigration through all this because I had a valid visa, regardless of my employment status. It's a commonly held myth that if you quit/lose your job, you lose your visa as well. The visa is yours until it expires.

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    That's another good point. You have more options and perhaps access to better jobs once you're already in the country. Some companies only hire employees who are currently in Japan. Some of them do require that you've been here for a certain period of time (for instance the past 6 months to 1 year), and some of the ALT dispatch companies or eikaiwas also would like to see that you've already had some teaching experience in Japan...not all of them, though. It might be best for you to come on over with your current deal and then start shopping around for something else after you get settled.

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