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Thread: So you reapplied this year...

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    Well even if they do still have you on file, I think what's more important is how far you got. If you were accepted but had to reject for whatever reason then you'd have to absolutley mention it, but if you were alternated and never upgraded then I don't think it'd matter.

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    I didn't put it in my SOP or mention it at my interview. Two years had passed I didn't think it was necessary. I got in though so good luck to all of you reapplying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by armchairpatriot View Post
    There is a section that asks (if i remember rightly)
    -If you have been on JET before (i think Wicket on here did two seperate stints)
    -If you were offered a place and turned it down / were alternate but weren't needed
    -If you have applied before.

    If you applied before and were rejected without even an interview then it's not likely they will remember it. There's probably several people checking the applications and each one must see hundreds, so it's not like they will remember a specfic one.
    I dont remember this question, pretty sure i would have answered approprietly though. But even so, I'm pretty sure it was just "were you offered a position" and "Have you ever participated" probs diff for the US then.

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    Like I said, I checked, offered a position means shortlisted or upgraded alternates. Unused alternates or rearly decliners need not reply.

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    I highlighted it in my SoP and used it to explain how I improved myself in certain areas I thought had hurt me the previous time I had applied. I just thought it was something necessary to address.
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    I think I wrote a sentence about being an alternate the previous year in my SOP. Then during my interview they asked me what I had been up to/why did I reapply. I talked about positive changes I had made in my life...happy, cheery, pick me because i'm not completely insane type stuff. Something worked and I wasn't made an alternate again...yay *_*

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