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Thread: Yabai! Need a surefire X-mas plan!

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    Default Yabai! Need a surefire X-mas plan!

    So I already rock out good lesson plans at my elementary schools, and Christmas is no different.

    BUT... my middle school is going to give me a full hour for each class for Christmas. I suppose I could come up with some mediocre plan and push through the lack of enthusiasm from my san nensei, but kencho (prefectural "bigshots") will be there to observe. So I`d like to make it better than just okay.

    Anyone have any Christmas games/activities/whatever that worked especially well?


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    Default Re: Yabai! Need a surefire X-mas plan!

    Last year I did the Twelve Days of Christmas with the kids putting their own presents in, having to remember what everyone else said. Worked quite well, and because I let them pick who was going next, there were a few laughs as well.

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    Default Re: Yabai! Need a surefire X-mas plan!

    Oh, sweet; that's a good idea!
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    I'll trade you JHS Christmas lesson ideas for elementary lesson ideas! I'm at a loss when it comes to my Christmas lesson for my elementary rokunensei...

    For middle school I start with a maru/batsu game where they have to guess whether statements I make about Christmas are true or not. This ranges from easy (In America, Santa wears red and green) to hard (Santa has 9 reindeer... they never get this one!). It is a good chance to explain about differences in Christmas practices in a fun way (family versus date night, KFC and Christmas cake versus home cooked meal) etc. I usually time this about 15 minutes, winning group gets stickers.

    Then I usually do a song. This year my teacher wanted "Last Christmas" for my ichinensei. It is a pretty difficult song though, so I just did the chorus and gave them katakana along with the English for the rest to follow along. I usually do Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer if there is no teacher request. We did Silent Night once, but the slower songs are a bit boring I think. Cut a few words and have them fill in the blanks OR cut the song in pieces and have them unscramble the sentences to keep them paying attention, then practice the song a time or two and have them sing.

    Finally, I usually have a wind-down activity like a wordsearch or crossword for the final time and play Christmas music during it. Usually they don't finish in the last 5-10 minutes, so I tell them if they do they can come find me for a stamp or sticker.

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    Default Re: Yabai! Need a surefire X-mas plan!

    I just had a 90 ES Christmas lesson. "Duck Duck Goose" with "Elf Elf Santa" went over big time. A great way to run ES classes is introduce the day's vocab and then just base various games around it.

    Also, god damn "Last Christmas". Fuck Wham!.

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