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Thread: No proper work experience. Big disadvantage?

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    Default No proper work experience. Big disadvantage?

    I graduated from university in August 2009 with a degree that consisted of a year abroad in Japan as an exchange student. Due to family reasons I have since been working at my parents shop up until now and never been employed prior to this.

    I'm considering applying for Interac since I missed the JET deadline and was wondering if having not properly worked was a big disadvantage? Would having lived in Japan and having some volunteer teaching work in Japan be enough to counter this?

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    Honestly I think a lot of people who apply to JET/Interac etc are fresh out of college and in the same boat. If anything some people might have waited tables, but can't you use your parent's shop in some way on your resume? I say go for it and apply!

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    It is not so that if you have no proper work experience then you can not apply.If each and every company demand for experienced people then how fresher can get job and become experienced.So it is not so but if you have enough knowledge and some your own skill to do something effective and good then you should apply and start from now.To start any career there is no any time limit.

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    Default Re: No proper work experience. Big disadvantage?

    No and yes to the previous japan experience. It would be a slight negative but it wont stop them from hiring you if you are otherwise a good candidate.
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