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Thread: Yachimata in Chiba: Can anyone tell me about it?

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    Default Yachimata in Chiba: Can anyone tell me about it?

    I just got placed in Yachimata in Chiba. I can't find much about it, aside from the population and the fact that it is famous for peanuts haha. Can anyone tell me anything? Any good site where I can look up accommodations here?

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    Default Re: Yachimata in Chiba: Can anyone tell me about it?

    Didja try their website?
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    Default Re: Yachimata in Chiba: Can anyone tell me about it?

    I live in Chiba. You lucked out because we are so close to Tokyo. You are fairly close to Chiba City which while isn't exciting, has anything you need in terms of shopping. I will say that the teachers here talk about Yachimata being famous for having bad discipline problems. How bad it is I don't know though.

    The rest you can probably find in an internet search if you want. There is a chiba JET website that has a lot of information on chiba in general.

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    A more current JET might be able to furnish you more adequately.

    It's a typical run-of-the-mill Chiba town. A number of arcades and car dealerships if I remember correctly and a decent train connection to both Narita and Chiba.

    In reality, it's a good placement in Chiba - not too off the beaten track in deepest darkest inaka, but also not too far from the major cities drinking dens.

    I would say you lucked out. Hopefully you're not nearly as irritating as one of your predecessors.

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    Default Re: Yachimata in Chiba: Can anyone tell me about it?

    You got a good placement as long as your rent is not too high.
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