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    Since it's currently test time at all my JHS I have plenty of time to start planning things for next school year. I've been wanting to include lessons that use English music, but since I'm only at each of my JHSes about once a week the teachers always seem to say there's no time. I have a number of songs available and ready to use in class, but I'm wondering what people have found to be the most streamlined and effective way of using music in lessons, in hopes of convincing teachers there is time.

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    Make sure the songs you teach have a grammar point and/or a cultural point.
    I had great success teaching "Tears in heaven" and "I'd like to teach the world to sing" because of the repetition of grammar points.
    I also have a series of lessons on adverbs of frequency that culminates in a listening activity which is a simple cloze exercise. I still have the lesson plans and handouts for all 4 lessons but no longer have the song compilation [it took ages and is only bits of the songs but i can't seem to find the file as i don't remember what i called it].
    If you're interested PM me with an email address as there's too many files to upload them all here.
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