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Thread: Wasting time until results...

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    Yeh, I have asked about this on the main forums and asked my local consulate about it. Seems pretty vague all around what they want from foriegn checks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyr View Post
    Well, I'm not talking like the Dutch and English. Or even the English and French. But Korean translation will exist and not be so uncommon its hard to find and costs a fortune.
    I've met more people who speak Korean in the US than I have in Japan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyr View Post
    A check in Korean shouldn't be such a big deal since this is Japan we're talking about right? If it was Albanian then they would have a bitch of a time trying to translate it but...there should be quite a lot of Korean knowledge in Japan.
    Oh make me laugh.

    JW, hope that works out for you!
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    Figured out how to get the background check translated and notarized. Not even sure if I have to do all that, but better safe then sorry. Sent my coordinator an email saying what i was going to do, see if she tells me to go ahead with it or hold off.

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