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Thread: Textbook review activity - please help!

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    Help! My JTE has told me that tomorrow she wants the 2nd graders to review the vocab covered in three chapters of their textbook ... these three chapters are totally unrelated - they are about restaurants, future jobs, and making plans. Brilliant. I have had a complete mindblank and cannot for the life of me come up with any activities.

    As a lot of the text is question and answer dialogue ("What would you like to order?" "I'd like a hamburger"; "where shall we meet?" "let's meet at the bus stop" etc) I was thinking some kind of matching up the two halves of the conversation would be the best solution to include such unrelated topics in one activity, but is there any way to make this less incredibly boring than I imagine it will end up being?!

    Ahhhh, feeling so uninspired right now ...
    always put off today what should have been done yesterday

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