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    Hey all, I am a long time lurker and I post sometimes, but I have come across something this year that I haven't experienced yet in my 2 years as a JET. My BOE randomly handed me a paper asking me to pay for the cleaning and handling charges for my septic tank. Nobody said anything about it getting cleaned before hand, nor asked for my consent. They just handed me the bill and expect me to hand over 5+ mann. I was curious if anyone else here is expected to pay these charges or if I am getting screwed over by my BOE.

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    Is your BoE also your landlord? If so, then you'll need to check your contract to find out who is supposed to bear this sort of cost. You might want to ask your supervisor or PA about it if you're concerned, but I'd be amazed if your BoE was trying to screw you over.

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    My BoE is also my landlord, but in this case there is no mention of this situation in my contract, nor is there a housing contract which I signed. They just give me the bill every month for rent and I handle all my normal utilities, but if anything needs repairing, so far the BoE has taken care of it. I will have to talk to some other ALTs supervisor and PA about this. Thanks for the input Taurus!

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    Do you have the kind of toilet that empties into a huge tank that must be regularly pumped out? If so, this may be like a yearly cost or something. There's an ALT near me that has to have this done every once and a while, and it costs a man or so. It sucks, but it may be normal. She was also surprised by the bill, but more surprised by the fact that her toilet quit working for a few days until they cleaned it out. You might talk to your BoE, see how often this has to be done, and see if there's any way you can spread the cost out or something.
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    It's fairly common to have to pay this kind of fee. Often it will be added on to your water bill (like sewage costs are) but your BoE/Landlord might just charge you in one lump sum.
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