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Thread: Phonics worksheet

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    Default Phonics worksheet

    My new JTE asked me to make a phonics worksheet for ‘general phonics practice.’ Everything I have is for specific letters, like A-D. Anyone have something that might work?
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    Do a quiz. Write some words in phonics an get them to read it and guess what word it is.
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    What grade level is it for?

    I just made a bunch of worksheets for basic ichinen phonics that combines it with handwriting (since they are learning the alphabet now).
    We've already practiced the sounds (basic) of each letter, so in class we've been doing practice where students try to spell-out simple, phonetic 3-4 letter words (cat, box, desk, etc.). After they try spelling/ blending/ or reading the words, the worksheets just have a list of them with lines for writing practice. I create them here and modify them a bit with the copy machine to make room for more lines.

    Also, if it's ichinen, your JTE probably just wants an alphabet list with the letter and a picture of a word starting with that letter. A-apple, B-banana, C-carrot, etc.
    Good luck

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