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Thread: Interac Placements Summer/Fall 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by lostincarpet View Post
    As a total of the entire intake (not just the US), 50+ is kind of the figure I was guesstimating. I'm surprised at the number of alternates, they've invited 4/5s of the deferred US ALTs to come to Japan anyway! Really?

    Interesting also that they are offering placements to deferred non-alternates when AFAIK there are still alternates that haven't got a clue if they will get a position?

    And it is all very well complaining about the BofEs, but the fact remains that there was never any indication at any stage to the ALTs that deferral was on the cards. Nor was Interac's handling of this situation sympathetic or sufficiently contrite. Not impressed by that response at all.

    Anyway, gritting my teeth and not kicking off. I believe that is the Japanese way~
    As far as positions, what I got from what Stephen said is that people do have jobs but where they will be placed is the question. They will have positions but they don't know where which isn't unusual in this kind of business.

    Handling wise, I really don't know what they could have done. If those numbers are correct then only ten out of around 120 people have been deferred. Sure, the rest are alternates but there was nothing Interac could have done. Any business would be struck hard by a large contract being dropped. They might have been able to inform people that it could happen or was a possibility but something tells me that this was a freak incident.

    I've heard news of a survey circling those who were/are deferred/alternates asking about whether or not they should include the possibility that some people might be deferred or asked to be alternates. Hopefully they take that information to heart and inform people before they accept a contract. My 5 yen (which make excellent hypnosis devices ).
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    It is a bit strange deferred people are getting positions before the alleged 'alternates' even are. But, I believe alternates are supposed to (not saying guaranteed because who knows with this company) be in Tokyo between August and November (or even December as Stephen had mentioned...). Whereas the rest that are still deferred will return in March.

    It's still a huge bummer to be delayed like this. I still am hoping I will receive more information soon as I've not heard from Interac personally for almost two weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laevatienn View Post
    Handling wise, I really don't know what they could have done.
    How about something somewhere in the documentation, contract, placement info, e-mail communication or during the seminars which warns that deferral is a possibility, no matter how slight.

    How about when they did realise that they would have to defer/alternate a large number of people that they sent out something better than a "Dear ALT" message via e-mail. At least add a personal touch (have they never heard of mail merge) to make you feel like you are working for a company that values its new staff.

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    Default Re: Interac Placements Summer/Fall 2011

    I had an interview in Oxford in June, where they told me I would get a reply within 2 weeks. Its now been 2 months. I've emailed them and they've told me that they are very busy in Tokyo right now, and it could take a while.

    Is anyone else in the same situation?

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    Sooo... anyone else going as Interac alternates next month? My training starts Sept. 26th.

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    Still waiting for my CoE before I get an exact date, but I'm down for October. Everything seems a little flaky, but hassling them at regular intervals is working pretty well in getting things moving.

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    I had to do some hassling as well.

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