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    Hey guys,

    I have my interac interview tomorrow and im having trouble with the Japanese part can anyone help. I want to say, I am 22 years old, I live in Dublin, Ireland, I have recently finished a degree in finance, my hobbies are jogging, reading, traveling and politics.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :P

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    If you don't speak any Japanese, I wouldn't tell them that you do. If they ask you to speak some, do a very basic introduction but def don't exaggerate or lie about your ability. It's not a requirement for the job.

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    If you can't even say " Hi my name is _____ " in Japanese, then don't even try to fake it like you can in the interview. You'll hurt yourself more lying than being truthful.

    Plus everything Hikari said.

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    You're welcome.
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    The introduction in Japanese is a requirement, but you really don't have to go into your degree credentials unless you have higher proficiency in Japanese. I have a rudimentary knowledge in the language, so I didn't do more than "初めまして。私はEMTQueenです。ワシントンDC出身です。どうぞよろしく," and anything else I wanted to mention was in English. Best to keep it as simple as possible while fulfilling the language requirement.
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    If you dont know anything about japanese, then ill translate what they said to romaji!

    Watashi wa (your name) desu. (my name is ...)
    watashi wa airurando jin desu ( i am irish)
    watashi wa nijuu ni sai desu (i am 22 years old)

    to say something is somthing in japanaes you can use X wa Y desu
    in this case, X is watashi (I or me)
    and Y is one of
    (your name)
    Airurando Jin (ireland people) together makes irish person
    Nijuu (twenty) ni (two) sai (age/years)
    desu means to be

    If you want to make it sound well, i would say

    Hajimemashite. Watashi wa (your name) desu. Airurando jin desu, Nijuu ni sai desu. yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

    Or do exactly what it says in this video!
    YouTube - ‪Learn Japanese - Learn to Introduce Yourself in Japanese!‬‏
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