You may or may not have noticed site downtime yesterday and today. Some people were getting database crashed error messages or simply not getting any response from the server.

I received an email from the hosting provider explaining what happened:
[SUPPORT #OAN-640-39224]: Emergency migration of VPS to new node.


This is to inform you that we are having an issue with one of our Linux Hardware Node EL151.
The server is facing with HDD I/O errors.
File System Check (FSCK) is already performed on the server.
As a precautionary measure we are in process of migrating the your vps '' to new hardware node.

Further updates will be posted as and when progress is achieved.
We regret the inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Best Regards,
Philip S.
Asst. System Admin.
Technical Support.
The site came back online around 8.10pm UK BST time on 31/05/2011.

The database was still marked as crashed and some threads were not loading. I have performed a manual repair of the tables and the site *appears* to be ok now. It's impossible to check everything though.

*Please* report any problems you encounter and I'll check them out.

Thanks for your patience.