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Thread: Genki I/II - New Versions Out

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    Quote Originally Posted by wicket View Post
    Sure, it's from the 1980s, but not all things that are ancient are useless.

    Just keep telling yourself that wicket, if that's what makes ya feel better :P

    On the genki side, don't worry about the workbooks, the textbook has more than enough content in it that you don't need it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrcharisma View Post
    Been looking at these Genki books online, should I buy both the workbook and the textbook or is only the textbook needed?
    I think the workbook is worth buying if you are studying alone. The main text has a lot of classroom activities that you need a partner/group for. The workbook however is designed for solo review at home.

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    I bought genki and they seem nice but they are just collecting dust. Most of my study is either reading or listening to conversations or stories. Workbook activities just bore me and did not really help me with Arabic, so i figure why bother.
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    Default Re: Genki I/II - New Versions Out

    I still crack open my genki books now and again despite being years passed them. They're solid, especially for self-study.
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