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Thread: Amity background check a good sign?

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    Default Amity background check a good sign?

    So I have applied to Amity twice. The first time, I got to the second stage and then four weeks later I got an e-mail saying they would not hire me. This second time they have now sent me an e-mail asking for a background check! They didn't ask for this last time, so I can only assume I'm still in the running. My question is, is there anyone who gets the background check and then is not hired? Assuming there is nothing on their record of course, which besides a speeding ticket I'm fine.

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    So I sent in the background check, and Amity replied saying they would let me know the results of my application once they got the background check in. It came in late last night, and today is Sunday so I suppose I should know before the week is out...

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    Default Re: Amity background check a good sign?

    That, or they're checking you out to see if killing you could be profitable.

    I'd say its a good sign.
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