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    What are you cocks up to after JET? Anyone have a sweet job lined up? Bumming around living off mommy and daddy for a while?

    I've done nothing in terms of actually sending out any resumes and feel like a lazy fuck. Then again I'm still not positive what I want to do.

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    I have to begin addressing this question, but that's why I decided to take another year to do it.
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    Only a fool would do a teachers workload for an assistants salary.

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    I have become too accustomed to my lifestyle of doing nothing. I aspire to waste my education and become a housewife. Maybe I'll even head a PTA and watch soaps all day.
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    If you are a empty husk of a man with no ambition come on jet, stay forever, drink yourself into a stupor every night, hurl abuse at people on itil like a roided up chimp at the feces olympics and die of thyroid cancer in your early 40s.

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    grad school
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    Going travelling to Europe and the US for 2 months. Then have a full time job lined up until I start my Masters course in February.

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    No job lined up but have friends from the UK visiting, taking a road trip around the U.S. to visit family and see concerts, and I might make a really spur-of-the-moment trip to Australia because I have a lot of miles.
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    Trip to the USA and Canada. Then ???
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    I know some recruiting companies are hiring, but the culture varies from company to company.

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