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Thread: JET making it harder to find a job later on

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    Default JET making it harder to find a job later on

    So, I was on bigdaikon (yea, I know but...), and some said that a 2-3 year absence from the native (home country), in this case NY Finance/accounting job marke,t with references that "most employers" won't check will be detrimental to future job prospects. Now I know Every Experience Varies, but I'm sure there are others that have some thoughts and experiences about this.

    This also probably depends on job sector and position you get in JET, so I'll go down and mention that I plan to be CPA certified (e.i. get Bachelors, apply for JET, doing my M.S in Acct., take CPA exam, and find out whether or not I got int) by the time I presumably get my acceptance letter back (assuming the program isn't cut) and preferably work as a CIR, as it provides more office-related work experience onto your resume hopefully.

    Also note, I'm from the states, but any information on this matter will be most appreciative.

    I hope I posted it in the right section. :P

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    Default Re: JET making it harder to find a job later on

    The general thought on this is that a lot depends on how you spin it when you apply for jobs. Focus on decision-making, overcoming problems, that sort of thing, and it looks better than "I sat around for 1-5 years, being a cd player (ALT) or token gaijin and walking dictionary (CIR)".

    There's also suggestions that US companies don't like it, whereas UK companies do. I think we had a discussion about that not too long ago, so the search function may be helpful.

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    Default Re: JET making it harder to find a job later on

    i got my current position based almost compleatly on my overseas/international experience. its not a technical field like CPA but i work with International Programs and student recruiting at a private high school, My BA was in International Studies and I am now doing what i have always wanted to do so sure its different but as Ant said above and as many others will tell you its all about how you spin it!
    I was an ALT at a JHS for two years and a Kencho Prefectural Advisor working in the School Education Division for three years,

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    I remember seeing a poll at some website or another where former JET participants overwhelming said the experience was seen as positive or neutral when viewed by a potential employer. I would say it is obviously based on your field but as with any past work it is up to you to highlight the more appealing qualities.

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    Default Re: JET making it harder to find a job later on

    Why wouldn't they check your references? I always listed the CIR in my cities contact information when I mentioned my JET work. He had an American name, so I don't see why people would be hesitant to contact him unless they were worried about long distance fees.

    I got my current job in Healthcare IT based largely on my JET experience :P

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    I got my post JET job in Fashion Management also exclusively due to my language skills and my time overseas. We have a huge Japanese client base and it to them it was a much needed asset. It depends on the employer and their needs. But most people who haven't done ALT work have a positive view of the experience.

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