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Thread: Stood up for a skype interview

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    Default Stood up for a skype interview

    Does anyone know anything about the "Fifth Wings" ALT dispatch company? I sent them an application in response to an ad and got a reply back within 30 mins or so, saying they were interested in me and wanted to speak to me that day.

    Then they didn't show up for the skype interview, and didn't respond to my email(s). The following day the guy shared contact details with me, but having tried to speak to him through the chat system twice over four days without any response, have written the position off.

    Time was an issue, as they wanted me to fly to Japan within ten days.

    Is this treatment normal? Heart didn't respond to me after an interview either, ignoring my follow up e-mail after two weeks, and then after four weeks or so they just removed me from skype without so much as a farewell.

    Is anyone else running into a lot of incomprehensibly rude recruiters in their search for employment in Japan? I get that its a busy time, but not turning up to a skype interview you yourself have arranged, and then not apologising for it and ignoring requests to have a new slot is not the kind of thing I was expecting to run into...

    Anyway, its good to rant.

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    That's pretty unprofessional treatment but companies like Heart and the like don't have a very good reputation and don't always treat there employees very well. I've never even heard of Fifth Wings and the fact that they replied within 30 minutes and then didn't even show up for the interview should be a sign that they aren't a good place to work for.

    One thing though, did you mean you sent a follow-up email two weeks after the interview? They should probably contact you but I'd say you waited too long.
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    They sound awful - be glad you don't have to work for them. Best way to get a job here is turn up with enough funds and a place to stay, and a big list of schools. Good luck. Even though some recruitment places have bad reputations, that doesn't mean they all do......

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    I actually know people who have experience with both Fifth Wings and Heart.

    The person I know on Fifth Wings seemed to have liked it, but that was probably his school more than anything else. The person I know on Heart has been jerked around a bit, but he's still alive and working for them.

    But yeah, I've tried to get into contact with Heart and it was basically impossible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Zin View Post
    I actually know people who have experience with both Fifth Wings and Heart.
    You might want to consider associating with a better class of people
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