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    Default Reading Kanji

    The more I go through Basic Kanji Book 1, I realize how tedious memorizing words out of context can be. Most will agree that knowing a meaning of a kanji is basically useless when reading or writing, and that it is worthwhile to learn words along with meanings in order to read.

    I'm probably just retarded, but learning words containing a particular kanji out of a book isn't good enough, since when I see the word outside of Anki or my Kanji book I immediately recognize, but never remember the pronunciation or meaning.

    I'm wondering if there is a type of novel or book that uses the kanji, and then has the translations in the back as a type of index or something. Manga is good but I get tired of looking up meanings when there is no furigana used, and when I see how much text there is in the average japanese short story I cant help but think a short story learning tool with kanji readings provided could be the best way.

    Does something like this exist?

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    I bought some 5th grader books (that specifically say 5th grader on the front of them). One, for example, is a load of short science explanations (why do my ears go funny when I go through a tunnel, why do some things taste sour and some sweet etc). They're easy enough to read without understanding every word, as obviously the kids will have a more varied vocabulary than you'll get from your foreign textbooks.

    Kanji are being introduced at this point, so some wont have furigana but most will. However, occasionally kanji wont be used (if the kanji is too difficult for the year level). Just have a read of them before you buy and choose the level that's appropriate for you.

    Obviously this isn't exactly what you're after, but it might work in addition to what you already do.

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