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Thread: General failure

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    Default General failure

    By renaming the new AG as "general", you have managed to confuse the site software, because there's already a general category (containing VIP, Japanese study, etc). The new general is completely inaccessible, as everything links to the category instead.

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    Default Re: General failure

    What captain fancy pants said.
    Your best? Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.

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    It's like GG's life is run by a DM who lets him take all skill checks with his charisma modifier.

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    Both interpretations apply.
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    But what if we reverse the polarity of the quantum string theory? According to uncertainty principle there are infinite worlds out there, so it stands to reason schrodinger's cat is alive in one of them.

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    U da real mvp.

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    Default Re: General failure

    Fixed the forum name issue. Havent fixed the general failure of the entire forum ... Work in progress.

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    Long time lurker, but I've been gone for a month or so. Came back to find the notice about the new rules; couldn't read them because I wasn't registered (thought I was, but okay); registered, but now I don't have permission to read AG so I can't read the rules anyway. Are those symptoms of General Failure, or am I restricted for another reason (that may or may not have been explained on another forum that I missed or cannot read)?

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    Balls. This is because Anything Goes is now a VIP-only forum. I'll move that thread out so everyone can see it.

    Update: New rules can be found at:
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    Default Re: General failure

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    I'm not allowed in the Lounge either. These are the categories and forums that I can see - logging in makes no difference:

    Japan / JET / School Related
    Japanese Study

    Applying for JET
    Non-JET Career / Education
    After JET
    Teaching & Lesson Plans

    Site Related:
    Site Discussion

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    Default Re: General failure

    And now The Lounge has appeared - ITIL's Room of Requirement?

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    Default Re: General failure

    I'll check the settings, but it should be open to everyone and nothing changed in the 1 hour between your posts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cataphract View Post
    i thought the thread title was going to be a reference to the state of the forum as a whole
    yo seriously LOLs at this
    if you want proof, try math or alcohol

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    Default Re: General failure

    I was wondering about this, because while I lurked before joining The Lounge was available to view, now it's inaccessible after I joined yesterday.

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    Default Re: General failure

    I've had a look at this and there was a configuration problem that meant that if you were a new user with less than 10 posts you didn't see The Lounge.
    This has now been changed so that new users can see the forum.

    People who can't see the forum are: banned users, unregistered users, and those users who have registered but haven't confirmed their email address.
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