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    Wasn't there a dude that apparently lied about his mental issues, got fired, then blew up about all his co-workers on the internets?

    I would assume that if you lie, then have a major freak out in Japan, you will probably be heading home a lot earlier than anticipated.

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    From what I've hear he was bipolar and didn't mention that on his application. However I have also heard that what he did really didn't have much to do with his bipolar. He was just kind of an . . . a pain to deal with and had a poor character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hunterofpeace View Post
    Or, conversely, did anyone lie about a mental problem and get away with it?
    I was counseled briefly in college for "depression," and my therapist put me on Lexapro or something. The drugs had weird side effects so I quit taking them. I quit going to therapy, too, (right about the time I dropped out of school). Shortly after, I realized that the therapist had been making everything worse, and what I really needed to do was pull my head out of my arse, quit whining like a pathetic emo wanker, and get the f*ck over it. My life got a lot better, and I got back in school, graduated, and applied to JET. I didn't mention any of that mental health sh*t, because I didn't really have any mental health issues. Like many folks who are going through therapy for "depression," I just needed a swift, vigorous kick in the arse.

    So, yeah. I omitted that stuff, and I made it in just fine, and I'm doing pretty well here (in my 3rd year, preparing for a 4th). I have good and bad days, like anyone else.

    I would say if you're currently in therapy or currently taking "happy pills" of any kind, you shouldn't lie, because if you're incapable of functioning normally without them, then it's important for you to let the program know about it so that they can accommodate your needs. If you once went through therapy or took some sort of "happy pills" when you were a moronic adolescent dumbarse who needed someone to feel sorry for you, then realized that your problems aren't actually all that bad and you'd best grow up and get on with your life, then no, don't mention any of that, 'cause you'll be fine.
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    When I read your post I suddenly feel like I am so far away from being crazy.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ini View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Ananasboat View Post
    It's festivals days like these on which I really try really hard to make up for not partying in college.
    yeah, because who needs free flowing drugs and alcohol fueling adventorous sex with taut, lithe young bodies when you could wander around a dying town in the freezing cold with a can of asahi super dry in your hand while some toothless old farmer shouts at you.

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    Yeah, I was given Zoloft and Ambien when my best friend died, but I weaned myself off of them about 3 years ago. I also used to take Concerta for ADD because I was diagnosed at 7 years old. I quit taking it when I realized it was making me a zombie and that I could function just fine without it. Unfortunately, I mentioned these things last year because I was paranoid that JET would somehow find out. I would hate to get booted for inconsistencies this year.
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    Since when does awareness of surrounding make an ALT better? Chances are if they didn't have a clue and got lost in the forest and eaten by bears on the way to work, the school would be better off and the ALT would in turn be a better ALT.

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