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    I play a lot of Crossfire. The last person standing has to come to the front and do some sort of punishment game. Here are some I already use:

    • Answer simple conversational English questions
    • Say the alphabet from A to Z
    • Sing the alphabet song
    • Say "Hello my name is _" to five people
    • Do ten jumping jacks
    • Spin around five times

    These are getting old so I thought I'd ask you fellows for some suggestions. Any other ideas?

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    Being made to sing is always an incentive for them not to be last. Any song, including the school song, will work.

    A few times when I had activities which included a batsu game (it was the students' decision to include it) and I let their classmates choose what it should be, they ended up doing things like: 20 pushups, imitating a comedian/tarento on TV (I NEVER understood what was so hilarious about this), and making Pokemon noises. (This was at high school, by the way).

    I suggest making them do the truffle shuffle.

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    My favorite batsu game is to make the kids do the chicken dance. I do it with them to show them how it goes... It's highly amusing and embarrassing enough that no one ever wants to lose~

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