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Thread: Is the application broke or is it just me?

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    Default Is the application broke or is it just me?

    I've been trying to submit my app for the past two days and each day I do it, when I preview my application, it keeps saying the 2011 application. Obviously that is last year's application. No one seems to have an answer so I was wondering if any US applicants here were having this same issue.

    And if you haven't noticed, please check and make sure.

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    The preview for last year's was wrong too.

    Are you sure you are not using last year's login?
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    Default Re: Is the application broke or is it just me?

    Nope, not using my log in from last year. I registered a new account. It was saying the 2012 application two days ago but for some reason when they fixed some bugs it now says 2011.

    Well, I called DC and they said it was a known glitch in the system and that they're fixing it. People can submit it electronically but hold off on printing it.
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