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Thread: The Magic Letter Size? A4 baby!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hanzo
    why the heck I don't know.
    Because I'm bored and haven't had anything to do in 4 days now.

    Ok, apologies to all concerned. I was being a dick, but thats expected from time to time.

    More than anything this thread got off to bad start with me because of its title and the 'moral' of the story I felt was a little rude - but Hanzo has more or less sorted that now. I know how you feel Hanzo, what angers me is that you're apparently wasting as much time as I did when I played the waiting game last year.

    Now, lets all go back to being nice to each other and letting this entire board die its slow death....

    No, seriously, I'm sorry.

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    ...and they lived happily ever after.

    That was a joke by the way, before I get eaten alive!

    Everything's cool though, thanks for everyone's input.

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    It's always the threads you don't expect that turn nasty. Always the quiet ones.

    Well, thank God that's all over! GROUP HUG EVERYONE!!!
    "If you've got [a penis], or access to one, take a good look at it this evening and ask yourself: how can this possibly be the work of a sane God?"

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