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Thread: HELP: Fun end-of-year / Pre-graduation game for JHS 3rd Years

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    Default HELP: Fun end-of-year / Pre-graduation game for JHS 3rd Years

    Hi all,

    My JTE has asked me to prepare 2 lessons for my Junior High School 3rd years to send them off to High School with a positive impression of English.

    Last year's ALT did a restaurant scenario where he taught the kids table manners, etc. and this was apparently a big hit.

    Any ideas??

    Some possibilities I've thought up so far are an Amazing Race style scavenger hunt game, or doing some sort of media-based activity where the students create commercials for products and are video-taped. Otherwise maybe an 'introduction to the school' project which we could film and present to the new ALT who will be taking my place?

    Help would be much appreciated! Thanks

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    think you got some pretty good ideas right there. If your kids are responsible enough to handle those i would go for those.

    Maybe welcome video to new 1 nen sei.
    If you could use your schools field that might be a nice place to do something.

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    Welcome video for 1 nensei is a good idea! Thanks

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