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Thread: Interview Passed PDF IS UP

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    I just looked over both lists in microsoft word. When you get rid of all the "JET 2012 interview list pages etc." words from both documents, they each have the same amount of words, i.e. numbers, and therefore no numbers are missing from the new list. Whoever said they were in official is retarded or something.

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    Yeah, that's the last time I'm paying attention to his posts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RomulusLupin
    Par four the course over there.
    Quick, somebody call word, he must be almost out of eyes by now!
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    But what if we reverse the polarity of the quantum string theory? According to uncertainty principle there are infinite worlds out there, so it stands to reason schrodinger's cat is alive in one of them.

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    U da real mvp.

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