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Thread: Two high-quality PowerPoint games for class use

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    Default Two high-quality PowerPoint games for class use

    I made these two games over the week. My kids really love both of them.

    First is a Mario Bo-Bomb timer for a Hot Potato type of game. Split them into groups of six, have them get out an eraser, and pass it in a circle while they practice whatever sentence you're working on. Three different slides, each getting progressively more crazy/panicky. Speakers are essential. Once the bomb is about to burst, mouse-click to make it go boom. Hot Potato is pretty dull, but the kids eat this shit up. Sorry the timing isn't customizable -- way too many triggers going on.

    Second is a Castle Defense game.. you've probably played it on the blackboard before. Each group has a castle with 4 parts, if they answer a question, they can erase a piece of another group's castle. I don't like the version where they can rebuild their own (takes too fucking long), so it's not in this version. Up to six groups can play this, but you need an interactive smartboard for this one. Pro-tip: Once the slideshow starts, bring up the right-click menu and tell it to make the cursor always visible. Otherwise it disappears, and kids will accidentally blow up castles trying to get the touchscreen to work again. DO NOT let kids tap like crazy and destroy a castle in one go! The other kids go into gorilla-rage mode and you can't undo it without resetting the whole board. Um, if you want (and know how), you can also hide some characters behind the castles. That's kinda fun.

    Anyway, here:

    Let me know what you think.
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