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Thread: need to be in America after interview?

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    No offense to Merrick, but that's just not true. You won't need to be nearby (that would make life terrible for people who live 5+ hours away from theirs). You just need to be there to fly out with your group (you can choose different US consulates to fly out with as long as their in the same Group [A, B]). There will be orientations but they are certainly not mandatory since people are busy/don't live close enough. I interviewed at one place and flew out from another, never went to any of the orientations. Can be they fun and useful? Yes. Do you have to? No.
    No offense to Page, but that's just not true. We had (only) one meeting post-interview which we were told was 100% mandatory for our consulate. I guess they could have been lying, but we were told we HAD to be there. It was held at the ambassador's house, it was a pretty massive affair.
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    Because every consulate runs the same way, amirite? If consulates didn't offer exceptions a considerable number of shortlisters would be boned.

    OP what kind of infos did you get back about the visa issue? Sounds like Lianwen has had experience getting a visa set up pretty fast, hopefully your consulate will work for you, most of them are willing to if you have a good enough reason. I knew a few people who couldn't make even the PDO and they were able to work it out. Though if you intend to fly straight for whatever country you're in they may have you cover the costs to Tokyo.
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    I will be out of continent from end of April until the first week of July for work, making miss the pre-departure orientation (yes, it is indeed called the "pre-departure orientation" where I am at) in June. I got an OK from my consulate to miss that if I do get shortlisted but I will be back in time to hand in my passport and attend the Farewell Reception that's within a few days before departure. Definitely take the advice of calling your consulate to confirm!
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