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Thread: 2012 Donation Drive [to pay for the server hosting]

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    Default 2012 Donation Drive (to pay for the server hosting)

    Hi all,

    I've kicked off this year's donation drive at

    To all applicants (registered on ITIL and those just viewing as a guest alike):

    If you find the information on ITIL useful, you may want to consider donating to help keep the site online. It costs quite a lot of money - around $350 - to keep the site hosted. If all the new JETs who used this site threw in $10 each, we'd quickly get to our target and ensure we're still here for next years incoming JETs

    There's a running total in the thread I linked to above. There's no obligation to donate and I'll cover any shortfall come August to keep the site online, but donations are really appreciated.

    You can donate at

    Ok, begging finished!

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    Need a website hosted? ITIL runs on webhosting provided by BigWetFish. They're really great - check them out at Sign up using the link and you'll also be helping ITIL with commission!

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