My wife has been tutoring our two Japanese students for the past semester, mostly in English and US History but also other subjects. But the bulk of the help the students need across the board is more ENGLISH - grammar is the biggie as their vocab is expanding day by day just being here.

My school administration thinks she has done a good job and has offered her to be the official tutor for our international students. This is great news for us, as it will be extra income coming in and her hours will be after school or on weekends so we won't need to put the girls in day care or anything.

But, up till now, she has been using mainly Japanese texts -- 総合英語 Forest(フォレスト)[6th edition] | 桐原書店 -- which is great because the two students she works with are Japanese. But starting this summer she will be working with students from Korea, China, Mexico, and others so she is looking for good grammar texts that also have workbooks associated with them that are ALL IN ENGLISH.

So far our top choice is "Grammar in Use" North American English Version.( Basic Grammar in Use Student's Book with Answers and CD-ROM: Self-Study Reference and Practice for Students of North American English, (0521133343), Raymond Murphy, Textbooks - Barnes & Noble ) And our second choice is "Azar Grammar." ( Classroom Materials ) But I was hoping that some of you may have some good suggestions of books you have used in the past or are using now.

Thanks in advance