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    Hey all,

    Former ALT here. I am considering signing up for an HR manager position for an ALT dispatch company called Borderlink. The pay seems decent, it gets me out of doing ALT work, would look better on a resume, I would get opportunities to improve my Japanese, etc. etc.

    The only problem is: I've done some digging, and have heard a lot of grumbling regarding how the ALTs are treated. I'd like to know if anyone has worked with this company, and if working in HR would be a similar experience. If anyone has any experience or knowledge concerning this position, a pm would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I have no experience dealing with Borderlink personally, but everything I've read seems to indicate they are slave-traders in the ALT industry. The fact that the pay they offer HR managers is less than JET ALTs receive, and barely more than Altia/Interac ALTs receive should be an indicator of how they value their employees at all levels. Have you thought about applying to JET as a CIR? Or maybe contacting other companies to see if they have any positions available in their HR departments? Not everyone advertises.

    But I really barely know anything about Borderlink besides what I've learned from some disgruntled forum posts and what they pay. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad job at all.

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    I've had to help borderlink Alts because their hr manger doesnt do shit and never answers their phone so it sounds like a cushy job, although in their defense round here they have an office with 6 people in it who are responsible for 80+ Alts. (5 of those people seem to spend all year desperately trying to secure new contracts with boes)
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    I don't know about the job itself but I constantly see them advertising for it on Gaijinpot, guaranteed that it shows up every year!!! I think the job must not be very good if they keep having to replace people.

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    They're probably kicking people out every X months to avoid paying the national pension and healthcare stuff.

    I know someone who works for RCS, which is a sister-company (I think. Or they split some years back, or somesuch). His opinion of them is so low, not even Hermes Conrad could limbo under it.
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    So I interviewed with Borderlink, and it was probably the most hilarious interview I`ve had in a while. I won`t disclose here since I`d feel bad for the HR guys, but if you are curious about the position feel free to PM me! (I decided not to take the job).

    Yeah, JET CIR seems like a good idea, but... that`s the job I just finished up so unless I want to wait for a few years, that route is a no go ;(

    In any case, I`m going to job fairs and networking... I have a fallback plan (ALT position that isn`t *quite* as lowly regarded as Borderlink appears to be), and some interviews coming up this week and next for jobs in which I can actually use my major. Wish me luck!

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    Good luck Luniar! I'm sure you'll be in a better position than Borderlink.

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