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Thread: JHS shopping lesson, with props

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    Default JHS shopping lesson, with props

    JTE wants the shopping lesson to be very intricate, with different shops set up in the classroom, presumably with goods to buy too.

    All I can think of involves a load of google image searching, printing and cutting up... Sticking up signs that designate a certain part of the room 'greengrocer' or 'bakery' etc.

    This is gonna be a pain in the .... Isn't it??

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    Default Re: JHS shopping lesson, with props

    Meh, go around the staff room and steal a bunch of stuff. Bring it into class and put it on the tables and go.

    You COULD print stuff out, or you could just grab a bunch of paper, write the words on it, and do a poor drawing. Win.
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    Walk around the area near the school and take photos of the local shops then just print them off. It'll take an afternoon and it'll get you out the staffroom for a bit
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