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Thread: Help me select an eDictionary!

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    Default Help me select an eDictionary!

    Just wondering what your vote would be. My company is buying me a new one and money isn't an object.

    Currently using the Sharp eDictionary PW-A8700, and yeah, it's over ten years old.

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    Default Re: Help me select an eDictionary!

    ipad plus midori! especially if money is no problem.

    Midori - Japanese Dictionary for iPhone and iPad

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    Default Re: Help me select an eDictionary!

    the exword XD-D4800BK seems popular at the moment
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    Default Re: Help me select an eDictionary!

    what about a hooker?

    If you're used to Sharp's setup you could try the Brain--they're pretty popular. I think this is their newest model: PW-A9200 | “dŽqŽ«‘FƒVƒƒ[ƒv
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