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Gizmotech, well now you've got me worried, haha. It is a 120 hour course that takes place for one month. There were quite a few CELTA, TEFL, etc courses being offered in the area so I emailed the CELTA course I have planned to enroll in as well as Interac to ensure this is a program that they would look for and they said yes. I'll continue to do a bit more research though! : )

Also I've been reading the other Interac thread and quite a few people were saying how they applied to Interac almost a year ahead of time. Interac suggested if I wanted to teach in spring 2014 to apply around this October. Seeing as how so many people in the past applied so early, I am considering doing so as well. The only thing is I won't graduate until December and I won't be taking the CELTA course until fall. Debating whether or not to wait until I at least take the CELTA course or if I should just apply before that.

Interac doesn't care what the cert is, so long as it "looks" good. That's a huge selling point for them as their instructor is "trained"... regardless how good that program is. If you want to check if it's a legit CELTA, you goto the CELTA website and check that the school in question is an authorized provider.

Apply after you get your CELTA, it will look better than applying without it.