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Thread: Irish Application 2013 now open

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    Default Irish Application 2013 now open

    Hi guys

    The Irish applications are now open as of this morning.

    For those who didnt get an email etc the link is here to all the applicaiton forms etc

    Embassy of Japan in Ireland

    Ive most if not all of the document ready to go already thank god. Bar getting my references back in the post. (such Bureaucracy) feel like I'm applying for the CIA

    I wish you all the best of luck fellow Irelanders. Maybe this Thread can be a place for any irish problems, application woes/joys stories etc.
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    Just an update on my end. My references both got back to me yesterday and this morning and have agreed to write everything up asap.

    Very damned pleased. I think its the hardest part of the application process. At least on the paper side of things. Dealing with old bosses in a large corporation is like trying to get hold of a wisp of wind.

    I went with the grovely pleading approach i'm ashamed to say. but at least it works. I was going to go in chummy with email and phone calls but couldn't muster it.

    Hope everyone else is having luck with theirs!

    PS: the irish links when used in internet explorer don't seem to preserve the original formatting. But when i opened them in chrome they seemed to be lined up nicely with no cut offs at the end. not sure is this relegated to my machine or the uploads themselves. Just thought id let people know.
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    Default Re: Irish Application 2013 now open

    One of my references fell through. Was all go and happy in previous emails but this week when i emailed wondering why i hadn't received it since deadline was approaching,..... i still haven't received a reply.

    I managed to get a wonderful reference of someone else as a backup thank heavens
    So mine is all ship shape and ready to go into the post on monday.

    So happy things are finally getting done and moving ahead.

    Best of luck lads

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    Default Re: Irish Application 2013 now open

    best of luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by xLilyx View Post
    best of luck

    I scanned your past posts cos i wasnt sure did you get in last year? are you applying this year?

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