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    Should I list unpaid internships on my employment history?

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    Default Re: Employment History Question

    Were you working for a company, just not being paid? Then yes.

    Unless of course there is a place for volunteer work/internships.
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    Default Re: Employment History Question

    I listed my unpaid internship because it was in a HS

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    I would suggest you do, especially since the application does not provide a field marked "internships". Just to be on the safe side, you can mention that it was an internship when writing the description of the position.

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    I have way more employment history than volunteer history, so I listed my unpaid internships under the volunteer section. Unpaid internships seem like they could go either way. I'd use them wherever they're most needed. If you have no employment history, I'd stick them there. If you've worked 2-4 jobs at a time for most of your life, then flesh out your volunteer section. Either way, it's experience and I'd include it, especially if it's relevant.

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